2180 E. 4500 S. Suite 245
SLC UT 84117

The mission of Interface is to provide quality emotional healthcare services to individuals, couples, families, and businesses. We believe emotional health is the cornerstone of a satisfying and successful life.

Individual Services

Stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse can undermine the ability to participate fully in life. Interface provides private confidential counseling for individuals seeking help with emotional and substance related problems. Interface providers are skilled in building collaborative relationships that guide the client in identifying underlying problems then guiding the development of action steps to resolve these problems.

The therapeutic setting is in comfortable office environment. Clients are encouraged to explore their emotional reactions and thought patterns to gain better insight and control over their lives. Therapy is a rewarding learning experience that helps with the resolution of practical and emotional problems. Therapy is a process of resolving conflicts, which in turn, promotes emotional growth.



Group Treatment

Group treatments for substance abuse are conducted by a licenced professional.  Treatment is non-confrontational and conducted using principles developed by Irvin Yalom, MD.  Groups are a powerful agent for change.  Groups provide reflexions of ourselves in a protected enviornment where we can learn better ways of interacting and developing relationships.